Monday, October 5, 2015

RCE Presents Dalannah & Owen - POSTPONED

This concert has been postponed. Please revisit our website for details on the new date in early 2016.

"Been Around a While" is a stunning success story

RCE is delighted to present the Vancouver-based  Dalannah and Owen on November 5 at 8pm at the Orpheum Annex, the second concert in their 2015/16 Trier Series. The blues duo have created a deliciously simple album "Been Around a While" that throws back to the heyday of classic blues artists while pushing the boundaries of the genre with a modern twist.  
Since the early summer release of their debut recording, the duo has received accolades from reviewers around the globe and extensive airplay on commercial, campus and community radio here in Canada and worldwide.
Here's just a sample of the stellar reviews:
 “Dalannah and Owen know what they are doing, and absolutely have the perfect mixture of soul, power, and emotion that it takes to put together an excellent blues album.”  Canadian Beats
“Here the pair do something to blues that's brave and different, in a field that is way too often dominated by the same old same old…This is all about listening to two strong talents finding the possibilities in each song.”  Top 100 Canadian Singles
“Dalannah and Owen pretty much break the mould on their first release together. As a duo of only vocals and electric bass guitar, the combination ought to be light on entertainment value over the course of a full-length album, but this wizened couple makes every track shine in one way or another."  Winnipeg Free Press 
"The combination of an expressive voice and a jazzy seven-string bass guitar is unusual, but what Dalannah and Owen do on this debut album is worth discovering. Each track is a different, exceptional experience. There's real musical talent here!"  Rootstime (Belguim)
 Show details:


Friday, August 14, 2015

Blue Tango Project - María Volonté & Kevin Carrel Footer

Railtown Cultural Eclective Presents: Blue Tango Project - María Volonté & Kevin Carrel Footer - return to Vancouver to kick off our Trier Series, Thursday, September 17th at the Orpheum Annex -
tickets will go on sale Aug 14th 5pm !
Tix $20 Artspoints

Hailing from the colorful and gritty La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Blue Tango Project is a ground-breaking exploration of the emotional and musical crossroads where tango and the blues embrace. It is a collaboration between Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté and California harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer.

This globe-trotting duo celebrates the deep spiritual bond that joins tango and the blues, as two musical genres born in desire and marginality, many times censored yet always resurgent and speaking directly to our hungry souls. When they play together, Maria’s voice and guitar fill the stage with echoes of tango’s forbidden pleasures while Kevin’s harmonica whines with the lament of the solitary blues soul.