Saturday, February 16, 2013

FRESH WATER Makes a Splash at the Orpheum Annex March 14, 2013

RCEA Trier Series Presents


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orpheum Annex

823 Seymour Street

8pm Doors 7pm

Tickets $20/$15 Students, Seniors & Arts WorkersTickets available Feb 15th at

A slick salesman pitchin' to buy a farm girl’s land gets himself shot in the leg. Will he fall in love, bleed to death, see the error of his ways or will she blow his brains out?

Railtown Cultural Enhancement Association launches the Trier Performance Series, with the play FRESH WATER, 8pm, Thursday, March 14 at the Orpheum Annex, 823 Seymour Street. 

Written and performed by Nathan Barrett and Chala Hunter, the play takes inspiration from the very topical and controversial push for pipelines, fracking and expansion of the tar sands. A young man representing a large company arrives at a farm with intent to absorb it for mining purposes. Broaching this transaction with the fiery farm girl who lives on the land leaves him high, dry and crippled on her kitchen floor. She has a perspective that contradicts everything he has ever believed and all that he has built his life upon. She is on a mission. 

Barrett and Hunter began creating work together at the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS), where they studied in the acting program for three years, both graduating in 2010. They strive for honesty, physical intensity and to navigate uncharted emotional, political and intellectual waters in their work.  In 2009 they created a wild and physical new work based on the story of Samson and Delilah titled, Honey in the Lion's Head in collaboration with Brendan McMurtry-Howlett.  It premiered at the Edmonton Fringe to great enthusiasm. They have since continued to live, love and work together across Canada, in productions such as Tough (Factory Theatre for Magnetic North 2010, directed by Ken Gass) and Macbeth (Repercussion Theatre, directed by Arianna Bardesono).  As part of the performance series they will be offering an Acting & Movement Workshop on Saturday, March 9 at the Woodward’s Heritage Building, 111 Hastings Street.

RCEA’s artistic directors Astrid Sars and Kat Wahamaa are very excited about their new Trier Performance Series.  “The name comes from the Old French - "to choose, pick out or separate from others, sift," and of course it also means “to try, to strive”.  With this series we are seeking to showcase emerging and established artists.” said Wahamaa. “In May we have Kempton Dexter’s,  A Short History of My Life As A Bear, which had an excellent run at the 2012 Vancouver Fringe and then in July, Lauri Lyster’s, The Drummer Girl  which debuted at the Firehall Arts Centre also in 2012.” 

“The support from City of Vancouver Theatre Rental Grant Program has made it possible for us to try this concept out utilizing the brand new Orpheum Annex, which is a gem of a venue.” said Sars.” The mounting of this first production Fresh Water also benefits through a grant from the Theatre Engaging Communities Program of NTS.” 

Fresh Water debuts at the Orpheum Annex, Thursday, March 14 at 8pm.  Doors open at 7pm.The evening includes a musical appearance by the Tim Sars Band.  Tickets are $20 Adults/ $15 students, seniors and arts workers and available at  . For more information or to register for the Acting & Movement Workshop email or call 604-836-9943.


  1. You guys rock!! Sounds like rehearsals are in full swing. I am so excited for this show!! xox Paul

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